Welcoming the Freshmen


Welcome to Cornell! Thanks for your interest in sustainability at Cornell! There’s a lot happening and plenty of ways to get involved. Cornell took a momentous step in 2009 by releasing the Climate Action Plan, which includes a step-by-step breakdown of forward-thinking solutions for achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, including energy conservation, alternative transportation, and renewable energy development. With over 25 student organizations focused on different aspects of sustainability, Cornell students are also leading the way to a more sustainable campus and world. Getting involved on campus is an awesome way to meet friends, make a difference, and have fun! Check out some of the resources below to learn more.

Orientation Week Events!

Get Involved!

Learn More!

  • Carry your new Take Back the Tap reusable bottle around campus and fill up at water fountains or sinks to stay healthy, reduce waste, and save money.
  • Bring a reusable mug to campus cafes for a discount on coffee or tea!
  • Cornell has an extensive recycling and composting program. Check out the guide above to learn more.
  • Use the TCAT bus system when you need to go downtown or the mall. It’s free for new students. Or, rent a Big Red Bike for free from Uris Library!
  • Go for a run or take a walk in the Cornell Plantations for a study break!
  • Check out the new farmer’s market on Ho Plaza every Thursday from 11AM-2PM for fresh, local produce and delicious food.

Stay in the Loop!

Welcome again to Cornell! Hope to see you at some of the events and at the first hub meeting!

K.C. Alvey


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